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About Us

Roger Kitchens comes from a long history of music. His father was a professional mandolin player who started

playing in the 1940's.  His uncle played drums professionally for many years.  His brother and cousin are both musicians.   His daughter plays piano and guitar. Roger grew up with instruments all around him and he has played the guitar since the late 70's. His love for music is almost matched by his love of woodworking. He began woodworking projects shortly after his marriage in 1983,  and has built several pieces of furniture for clients over the years. 


In 1996 Roger decided to pursue his real dream and build his first archtop guitar which he still has and plays regularly. 


His wife Sherrie and daughter Courtney had a tremendous influence on many decisions about the instruments.

Courtney has always loved working with her hands and did much of the early custom inlay work.

They were the inspiration for the name which is interwoven into the logo  --- Courtney, Sherrie, and Roger.


"One of my biggest inspirations..."

Courtney,  playing her aptly named 16" "Courtney" archtop. 

"One of the first things people seem to notice when they play one of our arch tops is the neck. Rather than sticking to the traditional "chunky" neck often found on an arch top, and which is often encouraged by builders, I decided to copy the slimmer, faster, neck profile of a modern electric solid body that I owned and really enjoyed playing. Mixing modern feel and playability with traditional styling and hand built quality has produced an arch top that people love to play."


-- Roger

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