The incredible Grant Geissman with Norman Harris at  "Norman's Rare Guitars" holding his S-2 Custom!


"I usually play vintage guitars, but my CSR Custom S-2 has incredible woods, very fine craftsmanship, great playability, and beautiful tones. What more could you ask for? "


--Grant Geissman, guitarist / composer

Danny Smith - player extraordinaire! 

Professional musician and long time music instructor, putting his Serenata through the works

Hear Danny with his archtop on his       original song: " I wish you knew"

"I love My Guitar. It's everything I was hoping for!​​

It sounds great acoustically and amplified. Beautiful Instrument! Thanks for building it for me!"​


                                                           -Danny Smith,   


Roger "Boudleaux" Allen 

Middle Georgia Icon, Long time music instructor, outstanding guitarist... in the shop checking out his custom Artista. The second Arch top commissioned by him.


Allen Tendell

With his Seville Arch-Top

and Rubato Bass


Robert Wertenan

Chilling on the deck with his "Anniversary Edition" all maple Seville